Monday, August 17, 2009

The Test Line

At my workplace I have been ‘harrassed’ by phone calls from collections in my company looking to resolve the issue of payment for a ‘test’ telephone line. This has been ongoing for about 2 years but lately they have made it a point to call me every day and leave an automated message. I have been on the phone to several contacts through the numbers they leave to explain that the ‘test’ line they are billing us for is not a test line at all, but a desk phone at a place of business, which, ironically, happens to be the very same company that they are, so how on earth would it be logical to charge your own company for the utilization of a ‘test’ line that really doesn’t even exist???

Anyway, the culmination of all this occurred when I arrived at work this morning only to find that my desk phone (aka the ‘test’ line) had been DISCONNECTED!! Let’s just say that with the help of my boss and a couple other people this matter was rectified in a matter of hours…

In a situation such as this I often wonder if the person they deem as the 'responsible' one ends up in a little room getting written up for being such a dufus...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The (GASP) Chaaaaaange...

As if by magic, the wonderful world of menopause has begun for me. I have lost count of hot flashes when I got to 11 in one day. I think they are hilarious. I cannot help but laugh each time one occurs, because I am caught so entirely by surprise! I am hoping that I retain my sense of humor throughout the rest of this inevitability…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Computer Issues

We have been having ever-increasing issues with the desktop computer. I’m suspecting it may be a virus, so I purchased what I thought was an effective and easily installed anti-virus program. I had the same brand installed on the PC last year, and it seemed to meet my limited needs. However, this year’s version has been nothing short of frustrating to load. It seems that when I install the anti-virus it somehow disengages my internet capability. If I un-install, the ability to use the internet is magically granted. Rather ironic, yes? I was quite befuddled by this whole mess and just happened to mention it to Glen, my friend in Omaha (with whom I have recently re-connected with - - he used to play in a band with me and we were boyfriend-girlfriend waaaay back in the day) and he had graciously volunteered his expertise. I’m quite thankful, as I am not good at all when it comes to computer trouble-shooting. I’m more the type to turn to shooting the computer when there’s trouble…

I am happy to report that not only did we determine that the anti-virus software I bought was worthless, but Glen was also able to help me connect the new router with my old Ethernet box so Lola can be wireless on her new laptop! So we have one problem solved and the other is partially solved. For now I’m perfectly ok with that.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's What's For Dinner

Tonight was a culinary free-for-all at our house. I decided to make tacos and let Lola decide what should go with them. She chose her ‘world-famous guacamole’ and our version of Russian-style potatoes (sliced and fried in a pan with olive oil). It was really quite good!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fire and Ice

Well, I’ve had my fourth ice-skating lesson and I believe that I may actually be improving! I’m learning the front crossovers as well as the turn to go from forward to backward. The crossovers are coming along nicely, and I’ve noticed that I’m much more comfortable crossing over toward the right (crossing the left foot over the right) than I am toward the left. Honestly, the crossover to the left is like a foreign country to me. Isn’t it interesting that something that seems so seamless and natural on one side can be so utterly and seemingly IMPOSSIBLE on the other? It’s as if my left side is afraid and my right side isn’t! My coach advised me the best way to even things up is to practice the bad side twice as much as the good side. We shall try that and see what progresses…

This evening Lola decided to try out her new grilling utensils she received as a birthday gift from Boris and his parents. She loves to grill out as much as I do and frankly, I’m fine with her doing steaks, chops and burgers - - she has become quite good as the Grillmistress! The only disadvantage I see is if she gets distracted from grilling with a good episode of iCarly or the Jonas Brothers as she walks past the TV to go out to the courtyard to flip the food…at which point she stops dead in her tracks and totally forgets all about the food quietly charring into oblivion on the grill…

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mastering the Trot

Lola seems to have mastered the art of the posting trot on the back of a horse. Her instructor has decided that she is now ready to CANTER!! Lola is so excited she cannot be still about it. She did divulge to me that she’s still a little scared about going that fast on a horse, but she really wants to learn how to do it. I assured her not to worry, as Miss Toni will make absolutely sure that it will be a gradual transition. Shadow has been chosen as Lola’s ‘cantering horse’ and he is wonderful - - he’s quite obedient and sweet, and has the strangest move when going into a trot from a walk - - he makes a lurch forward as if to canter, then settles into a trot. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect horse for her learning process; at least once she gets used to the forward motion the actual canter should be a snap!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lola's Very Own PC

After having saved money from last Christmas, from her weekly allowance and her birthday, Lola finally had saved enough money to purchase her very own laptop computer! We went to Wal-Mart with a list of criteria the two of us had discussed and decided on a Toshiba.

Once she got it home it was noooooo problem for her to whiz through the setup process and be immersed in the wonderful world of the PC in the most personal sense of the word. The only drawback is that she has to be connected directly to the router in order for the computer to function, as we do not yet have a wireless router.