Monday, July 21, 2008

One Last Weekend at the Beach...

Lola and I decided we wanted to take a long weekend vacation before I went back to work and she went back to summer camp. She wanted it to be just her and I and we decided to go to Hilton Head.

The day we left it was raining, and when we got to Hilton Head Island it was raining - - no, wait, let me rephrase that - - it was raining a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. I have only seen rain that dense and fast twice before. It was the kind of rain that fills the streets and the water has nowhere to go within the first three minutes of the rain starting. Unbelievable.

We had made reservations in advance at the Motel 6, which I felt was ok for us since we would only be in the room to eat and sleep. Our room was equipped with a kitchen so we could save money by cooking our own meals rather than spend it at various restaurants. During the downpour we checked in, got our key and raced to the car to keep from getting too wet (this was after we tried waiting it out for ten minutes and we did get quite soaked anyway). We walked in the room and to be honest, I was a bit shocked at the level of cleanliness (or lack thereof) in the room. Ok, it was FILTHY! Lola and I looked at the bathroom and it was clean, but the kitchen didn't look too great. The carpet, I would guess, was older than I am and was totally devoid of discernible color. The color was UGH-LY. I was looking in the kitchen and picked up the coffee pot and a small brown cockroach leaped out of the water still standing in the pot and raced for cover to some invisible crack in the countertop. That did it for me. Thankfully we hadn't even brought our stuff in from the car yet so Lola and I locked the room and went back through the still heavy rain to the motel office to see if they had an upgraded room. Unfortunately, the other three rooms they showed us were just as disgusting. I wish I had the aforethought to take photographs of the room to post here. I have been to many Motel 6's in my life and the ones I went to were always plain and basic, but very clean and comfy. Was it just this particular location, or have they all gone to filth? Just curious.

Before we turned in our keys to the office and beg for a refund, we drove next door to the Red Roof Inn. WOW, a little more expensive, but we decided a two-room suite would be just fine since we were going to be eating there and who knows what the weather would be like! We called the Motel 6 HQ, explained the situation and were assured we would be refunded with no problem. Then we booked three nights at the Red Roof Inn.

Driving back to the Motel 6 to return the keys and request a refund was easy, knowing we had a clean room waiting for us next door with a king bed, coffee maker, fridge and microwave (I could make do with that for cooking meals) and a pool.

Fortunately, the remainder of the weekend had quite nice weather, but with small intermittent showers. But we got lots of sun, lots of pool time and beach time, and even did a round of miniature golf. It was quite relaxing, really. Just what we needed before I return to work and Lola begins summer camp.

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