Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Day of Spills

This morning I was walking to the cafeteria at my office and upon entering the stairwell I found a large puddle of coffee and some other type of drink all over the floor on the landing, along with two empty cups. It happens every so often, since the doors to the main stairs are so heavy as to require quite a bit of force to open, along with the fact that the door does not have a window to alert anyone entering the main stairs to approaching (and totally unsuspecting) people bearing food and beverage…

Once in the cafeteria, I was greeted by a large pile of bacon in the middle of the floor that someone had dropped. Okay….

Then when I went to get my cup of decaf for the day, I found that someone had spilled their coffee in that area as well…

Is today National Klutz Day and no one told me? I thought I was the poster child for that organization!

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