Friday, December 12, 2008

Scooter Comes Home

We picked up Scooter from the vet on Tuesday and he seemed much better. He’s been having a few good days, but today we had to drop him off for yet another chemo treatment. He is doing much better this evening, and is resting quietly. He does tire out easily, and when climbing the stairs he has to stop and rest at the landing for a few minutes, then continue on his way up to one of the bedrooms. I have set up a litter box in Lola’s bathroom for him so he doesn’t have to make a trip downstairs, and he seems quite happy with that arrangement.

Lola and I are preparing for our trip to see ‘Babushka’, and from what she has been telling us there is plenty of snow in Iowa! Lola is overjoyed! The last time she saw snow in any quantity was back in Russia last year.

We are so thankful to Chris and Kimmi for coordinating the care of the kitties while we are gone. Scooter needs extra care, and Kimmi is happy to stay at the house while we are away. The plan is for Chris to be there during the daytime and Kimmi to be there at night.

Luckily Scooter doesn’t have to have chemo during that week, so it all works out rather well.

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