Thursday, June 26, 2008


CRCT day has finally arrived! Lola wanted to wake up at 5am to study a bit more for the test, which commenced at 8:00am. She realizes she knows more math now than the first time she took the test, but is still very apprehensive. It makes me wonder if she is one of those people whose fear manifests itself whenever a test is placed in front of them. We'll have to see, and if that is the case, we can get some study habit help for her to ease her apprehensions.

The good news was she got to be in her ESOL teacher's group to take the test, and she absolutely LOVES this woman. I must admit I am quite fond of her myself. Once the test was over, Lola and I went to Waffle House to celebrate her hard work during the summer so far. Then later that afternoon we went to Six Flags White Water to see what fun we could have. Season passes are the best!! We have been there enough times to have made good use of the passes, and we both have loads of fun!

Tomorrow is Lola's birthday and we have planned a horseback riding party at the farm of a friend of mine with whom I boarded my horse, Whisper, for a couple years. I no longer have Whisper (she is now living with a nice lady from Griffin and loves to go on trail rides) but Hannah and I have kept in touch from time to time over the past seven years. When I realized her farm does birthday party trail rides I thought that would be great fun for the kids and adults as well! The party is set for 7pm and we have a small list of invitees - - Boris and his parents (who couldn't come due to their being out of town that weekend), Anastasia (aka Nastya) and Maria (aka Masha)and their parents (who are coming), Lavinia, Kimmi and Chris. Kimmi is making Lola's favorite cake - red velvet - - and Lola and I have rolled out gumdrops of various colors and sizes to make flowers and leaves for the top of the cake (my mom used to do that for my birthday cake every year when I was around that age, so I thought I'd pass the tradition down to Lola). We have decided on pizza and chicken for the meal, so we are almost all set to party!! Lola is so excited to be having her birthday! She decided long ago that she wanted an MP3 player and a fuzzy bathrobe for her birthday. She has told me that in Russia her birthday never had a surprise (gift) when she was living with her mother, and in the orphanage they had a cake and perhaps a small surprise for many children at once each month. During the month of June they celebrated the birthdays of Lola, Boris, Misha and Lera. I think part of Lola's big excitement is having a birthday celebration just for HER and no one else. I'm sure that is the world's best feeling for her!

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