Thursday, October 16, 2008

Petie 007 (He thinks he's James Bond)

Petie is just fine and we are hoping he will settle in. He and Scooter have actually slept in the same room and no worries - - but Petie is constantly trying to find ways to go outside!! We didn’t see this happen, but we speculate yesterday the little stinker climbed a ladder in our courtyard (we are de-leafing our gutters and put the ladder up against the chimney), jumped about seven feet across to the roof (not very steep or very high), walked the roof to the garage roof, jumped 7 feet down into our alleyway and ran into the woods to play with the squirrels (!!!???).

As usual, we were able to entice him to come home that evening with food.

I have a vet appointment for him today to get his shots updated. I hesitate to take him because I honestly don’t know if he’ll be able to adapt to the indoor way of life, and the thought has run through my head to take him back to his original family. Lola is begging me to give him another chance (he has escaped three times now in the last week) and we love him so much, but of course when he’s outside I worry about him in the woods. There are other cats out there and some of them like to pick fights with my neighbor’s cats, so I fear that Petie may be a chosen target at some point in the future.

We really do love him and he’s a sweetie and so fun to be with, but his longing for the ‘call of the wild’ is becoming an issue.

Upon asking Petie’s former owner about his outdoor obsession, she told me Petie can climb a ladder, and he would climb their neighbor’s ladder all the time. She thought that perhaps he is out looking to see if his brothers are somewhere about.

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Elizabeth said...

Welcome Petie! I'm glad you have a new furry friend. I don't know much about cats, have you tried searching Google for ways to make him like the indoors more?