Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scooter and Petie

Poor Scooter is not feeling well. To put it delicately, the poor little guy is “not regular”. After a couple days of watching him try unsuccessfully to do his ‘business’ and his inability to hold food down we made the decision to take him to the vet. They found him to be somewhat dehydrated and plugged up, so he stayed at the vet’s office for the day to get a little help….when we went to pick him up, he was so happy to come home! He’s still a bit listless, but we have him on antibiotics and fluids to help him feel better. The vet was concerned that he had lost a bit of weight, since he had gone from 19 pounds to 16 within the last year, but we had been monitoring the amount of food intake he had for the last several months so as to be at a more healthy weight so I wasn’t alarmed that he had slimmed down some.

Our newest little fuzzy friend, Petie, is a wonderful cat but still insists on being outside. He almost goes stir crazy if we don’t let him out! He has been out a couple times but of course we worry about him while he’s gone. Lola thinks he has a new girlfriend! I think he likes to play Jungle Cat in the woods. We are working on what to do to help him adjust. He’s had an update on shots and been treated for tapeworms last week, so at least he's current on the medicals...

Here are a couple photos of our new little guy that I took last Friday!! He’s such a cutie!! I do hope he can learn to adjust!

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