Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Petie Joins Our Family

We made the trip to go get Petie the Cat. Lola fell in love with him at first sight! Petie was very good in the cat carrier all the way home. Lola sat in the back seat with him and talked to him through the carrier door.

Scooter was so happy to see a new baby brother he wanted to snuggle right away, but Petie hissed and growled and would have NOTHING to do with that!! He hid in the powder room behind the toilet and then behind the sofa for most of the night. He did come out this morning to eat and use a temporary litter box we set up, so I think in a couple days we’ll be having fun with both of them. So far Scooter is being VERY patient. He lays nearby, and Petie hisses, but Scooter looks at him like “It’s ok, I can wait for you not to be scared any more.”

Even though his name is Petie Lola and I thought he moves, hides and meows more like a shadow, so we are temporarily trying out the name SHADOW.

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