Monday, April 20, 2009

Continuing the Need for Speed

When Lola, Lavinia and I went ice-skating on Sunday, we were happy to see our new friends Monica and Joe at the rink. They came to the USA from Poland, and we met them the night of my birthday party last month.

Monica said they have spent the last three weeks moving into a new home, and now finally have some free time since they are, for the most part, unpacked. Lola stuck to both of them like glue while we were at the rink and at one point challenged Joe to a race. I watched as they sped off to the other end, and thinking that was the end of the race, I turned my attention back to improving my backward skating. The next time I met up with Lola she was gloating over having beaten Joe at the race. She was also complaining of her arm hurting. We noticed it was swollen quite a bit, and I asked if she fell. Lavinia explained in detail how Lola was literally flying down the rink and couldn’t stop fast enough, and fell forward on her tummy, then flipped over a couple times....again I had the visual of the penguin documentaries on National Geographic where they slide down snow-covered hills on their tummies...

My child most definitely has a need for speed.

Lola was laughing the whole time Lavinia described how she fell, and they both agreed that if we had it on videotape it would have been worthy of sending in to “World’s Funniest Videos”.

The arm hurting was a given, as there was the beginning of a nice little bruise on the inside of her elbow. I pretty much told her if she was going to be Evel Knievel on skates she will have to survive the wipe-outs.

She has been sporting the bruise like a trophy.

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