Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A week ago last Monday while I was at work and Lola at school, a big thunderstorm swept through the Atlanta area. Lola told me she heard it outside, but since I’m pretty much isolated from the outside world in my office cubicle, I was not as privy to the severity of it as I might have otherwise been. I had looked out the window and saw that the sky was quite dark, and had seen some lighting and heard the thunder, so I was aware of the fact there was a storm, but we are sound-proofed from hearing any wind.

When Lola arrived home from school that evening she called me to say that a huuuuuuuuuge tree fell behind our phase and a newer phase of the subdivision, but luckily was about ten yards from the nearest townhome so no one’s unit was damaged.

Upon arriving home, I went exploring around the tree and saw that it fell from the yard of the neighbor behind us. The tree fell away from his house, thankfully, but crushed a chain-link fence in his back yard and landed on top of some bushes in our subdivision. Part of the tree blocked the driveway to the rear of our section, but someone had already cleared the debris out so cars could pass through.

Several days have passed and it’s still there.

If it stays there much longer I will feel obligated to personify it and give it a name.

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