Thursday, April 23, 2009

Девочка / Девyшка

(Dyevotchka - little girl / Dyevushka - young woman)

I find it quite intriguing to witness Lola’s ongoing transformation from little girl to young woman. At present she is caught somewhere in between, but she’s taking it all in stride.

Her friend Lavinia is almost a year older, if my facts are correct, and as of now I can see the definite difference in conversational / behavioral priorities between the two of them. Lavinia is now very much aware of boys and she talks about them quite frequently. She is cognizant of the fact that they notice her and she enjoys this. Lola is still at the stage of not quite understanding what all the hype is about boys, and is quite jealous when Lavinia talks to one. However, Lola is very aware of one particular boy in her class, whom she has liked since she began school in America in February 2008. After seeing them together on occasion, I believe they do have a strong liking for one another, but it will be awhile until both feel comfortable with their affections. I like this boy very much and he’s not only very handsome, but very kind to Lola. I often see them chasing each other around in front of the school and while observing this I still can’t help wondering to myself who on EARTH decided that sixth-graders should be categorized in the same building as seventh and eight-graders? The social difference between the age groups is monumental.

Anyway, last Sunday Lavinia went ice-skating with us and had dinner at our house that evening. She has now reached the ‘giddy scream’ stage of puberty and I pray that it doesn’t last long. Lavinia also now thinks it is fun to walk up to Lola and lick her on the face. Why, I don’t know. But Lola was so grossed out by this she reverted to the 11-year-old tactic of wrestling Lavinia to the ground and sitting on her. They both had fun and were actually laughing while they were wrestling. No one got hurt, no animals were harmed and no furniture got broken, so it’s all good.

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