Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Horse Show

Lola had been entered in three events at the annual horse show, but with the continual rain we had been having I had to literally prepare both of us for the possibility that the show may actually be cancelled. Not a fun thought, especially when both of us were so excited for her to show off all she’s learned this past year.

So of course we arrived at the horse park about two hours earlier than needed (my error entirely - - - after years of making sure I’m early for important events it seems that in this instance it wasn’t such a wise idea - - - Lola being bored is painful for BOTH of us…though in totally different ways…) and had to wait through about five events, then a thirty-minute delay due to rain (and umbrellas are prohibited so as not to spook the horses so all were searching for places to stay dry), but then finally the decision was made to continue with another event, and it luckily was the walk/trot obstacle course. Lola did a FANTASTIC job and won a blue ribbon for her efforts! The big disappointment was when they announced that that was the conclusion of the show. Apparently they wanted each contestant to ride in at least one event to make it fair for everyone.

On the way home, Lola told me how she was shaking from nerves when she mounted Apache, but she talked to him the entire time she rode the event. I told her it paid off, because he was listening to her! A week later her riding instructor told us that Apache responds as well to verbal commands as much as rein commands. Good for Lola! She now knows that she can talk to Apache all the time and he’s a very good listener!

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