Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lola the Pool Shark

We are winding down the school year and are both quite ecstatic that there is not much homework the last two weeks of school. All Lola has is a science project, in which she has been happily immersed every afternoon after she comes home from school, and a project for her ESOL class, which she is working on in class. Life is GOOD! Yesterday she worked on her science power point presentation for awhile, then we were off to the gym for an hour, and afterward went to meet Kimmi at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game on the big screen TV.

We had fun at the gym, and more fun at Buffalo WW watching hockey. While we were eating Lola spotted a pool table over in the corner. She remembered how much fun she had playing while we were in Mexico last year and begged me to play with her. We had a blast! I showed her if she hits the intended target ball on the right side with the cue ball, the target will go in the opposite direction. She thought that was pretty cool! I love being able to present a scientific or mathematic concept to her through something she loves. She practiced and was actually getting better the more she played! The game was close - - and I lost. Scratched on the eight ball. She was ecstatic! That's my girl!!!

Later that evening she informed me which one of her friends may have been the one who gave her head lice. She told me she was sitting next to this person and saw not only eggs in her hair, but bugs as well ! Lola was afraid to tell her, but asked me if I would contact the school and let them know…

Yes, what an uncomfortable situation for me, but still, considering how many children may potentially contract the lice because the friend may not even be aware she has them, and the fact that it’s not only my child’s head at stake, but the heads of all the other students (and teachers), it’s worth my discomfort in contacting the school to let them know. The thing that does bother me, though, is that I had already named this friend of Lola’s as a possible source for the head lice in the first place when Lola brought them home a couple weeks ago! Was there nothing investigated? And, all curiosity aside, how exactly does the school check to see if other students have these little critters? A notice to the parents? I haven’t seen one. A general head check done at the school? Doubtful. That may have been deemed an ‘invasion of student privacy’. Maybe I'll ask...

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