Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ahhhh, school is finished for the summer, we are planning a trip to the beach at the end of this week and then off to Las Vegas if all goes well and there is no strike…

I’m still fuming about the impossibility of going to Russia this year. Both Lola and I had our hearts set on it, and I’m tossing dates around in my head to see if there is another time we may be able to go. Darn the strike threats anyway!!! Having the possibility of this affecting my schedule at work if it actually happens is one thing to be expected, but when the ghost of a threat interferes with my life outside of work I think I have every right to be indignant and resentful!! Enough said.

Lola and I talked about “The Russia Trip” a couple days ago and decided perhaps Spring Break 2010 might be a possibility. Her relatives will not be going to the dacha until that summer, so we most definitely will find them at home. She tells me her aunt is so looking forward to meeting me, and the feeling is intensely mutual. All I have for her family is gratitude for dealing with a difficult family situation as best they could and for showing Lola they love her no matter what. She is most definitely close to all of them, and for that I am thankful.

I have literally BEGGED Lola every weekend since April to call her family to inform them we are not able to visit as planned this year. Each time I mention it, she refuses, because she doesn’t want to disappoint her aunt. I told her it is better for them to know we are not coming rather than just not telling them anything, leaving them to think we just don’t care! This was the time I so wished I was fluent in Russian. I would have called them myself to apologize for the whole situation. A few weeks ago I sent a letter of sorts to a friend who is in Russia, asking her to call Lola’s family and translate it so they know the complete situation. I don’t like to depend upon others for help, but in a situation like this it really was necessary. Guess I should get my Russian language books out and do a little summer studying…maybe by next April I’ll be able to communicate a little more confidently.

So with the prospect of going abroad crossed off our list of things to do this summer, we have decided on a few days on the beaches of Hilton Head Island and then a few days in Las Vegas so Lola can see what it’s like in real life. She was excited to see the city on TV in documentaries and movies, so I figured since we had some travel vouchers from last year that were about to expire we’d use them to take a trip to somewhere without going too many dollars over the voucher price. Luckily, we only had to pay $36.00 to fly to Vegas!! We also got a total steal on a 5-star hotel room there, so we’ll be living it up in our little suite and checking out all the different fun things and hotels on the Strip. I had brought up the subject of taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon, but after much thought Lola decided if we go to the Grand Canyon she would prefer to stay there for a couple days rather than go see it for a few hours and then board the bus back to the hotel. I think that is also the way I’d like to see it again. My first time was backpacking for a few days into the canyon from the North Rim, and the second time was via a full day bus tour to the South Rim. I think her choice of spending a few days there is a good one. Perhaps in the future we can incorporate that trip with one to the Colorado Rockies as well (another place she wants to see).

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