Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Greatest Consumer-Driven, Overpriced, and Overly Dramatic Show on Earth

Ok, in spite of Lola aching from her riding mishap, she felt well enough to go to the circus yesterday afternoon. I had been able to secure a couple tickets a few weeks ago by making a small charitable donation to a rather well-known organization and for doing so two tickets would be held at the will-call window for us. Lola had mentioned every now and again over the past few months that she loved going to the circus in Russia and would like to attend one here.

So we hopped on the MARTA train and went to Philips Arena to the circus. Thankfully the seats were like movie theater seats and very cushy, so Lola was fairly comfortable. Aside from the food being outrageously overpriced ($12 for cotton candy and a silly Dr. Seuss-looking hat included and $7 for a box of popcorn) and the ringmaster being a personality double for William Shatner, complete with the ego and overdramatization of his lines, the circus was quite enjoyable! Lola laughed at one of the silly characters so much that she hurt more from laughing than from the tumble off her horse! We enjoyed acrobats, tigers, elephants, horses, dogs and even a porcupine! We took lots of photos and a few videos so we could show both Chris and Kim the next time we saw them.

It really was a fun afternoon, and on the way home Lola sat in my lap on the train and waved out the window at all the cars driving on the freeway.

That evening she was still quite sore so she sacked out on my bed and later Sabbie came up and did his kneading routine on her tummy (this cat does it with all four paws - - quite an interesting approach) and fell asleep right beside her as we watched TV.

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