Monday, February 16, 2009

My Fuzzy Valentine

We miss Scooter very much, and Petie misses him too, but for the last couple months we realized Petie needed someone nearer his own age to romp with, especially during the time Scooter was ill. I felt that it would be too stressful on everyone (including Scoo and Petie) to obtain another ‘brother’ into the family, especially since Scooter required such intensive care and undisturbed rest. Lola and I had often spoken of Sebastian, who is actually Petie’s biological brother (same litter of kittens), and Petie’s best buddy at his former home. We decided that someday we would adopt Sebastian, but of course we were hoping all along that Scooter would go into remission and start getting BETTER, and then once he was well and stable for awhile we’d bring the ‘new guy’ in.

It didn’t quite work out that way. Scooter is now in Kitty Heaven and Petie, although he is the consummate expert at entertaining himself, really seemed like he missed having a buddy. When Lola and I would say “Sebastian” Petie’s ears would pop up, and he’d look at us as if to say “Where??? Where is Sebastian?” We decided to go ahead with the adoption of Sebastian. On Valentine’s Day we made the trek over to bring Petie’s brother home.

The first day he found all of Petie’s same hiding places from when Petie was the ‘new guy’, then by the next afternoon he was out exploring. Petie constantly followed him around meowing “Hey, dude, it’s me - - your BROTHER - - -remember me??” Sebastian was not buying it. He was clearly annoyed at Petie for following him all around the house!! Petie remembers Sebastian but Sebastian is not too sure about Petie. I do definitely know who the Alpha cat is, though - - Sebastian!!

Sebastian (aka Sabbie)
Sebastian and Petie

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