Thursday, February 19, 2009

Petie Talks To God

This morning Petie and Sabbie went out to the courtyard to get a bit of fresh air and Petie wandered over to the fountain that sits in the corner. There had been a couple big rainstorms this past week, so one of the basins in the fountain had water sitting in it. What water had been captured there had mixed with dirt and bugs and who knows what other debris that blew in. He began to drink from the fountain, and upon noticing this out the window I said rather loudly, “PETIE!! Do NOT drink out of that fountain!” He stopped in mid-slurp, looked up at the sky and said, “Meow?” (please bear in mind I didn’t actually hear him meow, but could clearly see that one was uttered). He kept looking up at the sky, then decided he needed to be closer to ‘the Voice” so he climbed up the fountain, all the while trying to see from where it came! He continued to gaze expectantly up to the sky as if he expected God to give him further instructions!

A few seconds later he must have realized the scolding he heard was coming from the house, so he peered in the window to see…

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Annie said...

How funny! I await the photos!