Friday, February 13, 2009

Holy Guacamole

Last night Lola had NO homework. PRAISE THE LORD!! Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself!! She was assigned a project for her Home Ec class which wasn’t due until next Friday, but she wanted to do it anyway. The assignment was to make a food item of her choice, and it was up to her to do all the preparation, creation and clean up. She decided she wanted to make guacamole. It was my duty to critique her on all categories. These categories were Safety in the Kitchen, Preparation, Taste, Clean up, and Overall Critique. The total number of points possible is 90. Lola got an 87. I took off three points due to her trying to mix it with a spoon (mushing up the avocado is more difficult with a spoon than a fork) and pushing the bowl toward me and saying “Here, Mom, can you stir this?” Rather than stirring it for her I offered her a fork as an alternative to the spoon and she then had no problems mixing it.
The taste - -FANTASTIC!! Reason? We have perfected the same mixture of ingredients as the “Guacamole Live!” at the restaurant On the Border.

We had picked up the mail on our way to the house and discovered that the Animal Hospital that treated Scooter's lymphoma had send us a pet sympathy card. I almost cried after opening it; in preparing this card, the staff had written their thoughts about Scooter and signed their names. In addition, someone had taken Scooter's pawprint and put it on a card that said "Angel With A Tail". That was very touching and quite thoughtful on their part. The pawprint was a wonderful way to remember Scoo as well.

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