Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boo Boo Kitty Visits the Vet and Lola's Class Trip

Thursday, March 27

On Monday night Boo Boo had what I could only describe as a seizure. We also discovered he may have a bladder infection. He has had a couple of these seizures before, and thankfully not on a regular basis, but last night's episode was the first Lola had experienced. Boo Boo is 18 years old and quite the little trooper. He's now got kidney problems, bad hearing, bad teeth, a touch of arthritis and minor cataracts, but still he seems determined to participate with us in whatever we are doing. He seems to be pain-free, as his appetite is wonderful, he drinks lots of water and likes to be petted and hugged. He is on subcuteanous fluids, a diet of Fancy Feast and baby food, additives of metamucil and arthritis medicine, and now antibiotics for a bladder infection. It's like having a sweet little old grandfather in the house. Lola loves him and takes very good care that he's loved and petted and if he has any need, she is happy to help him out. She was quite concerned with his well-being during the seizure and offered to help in any way possible.

I took him to the vet on Tuesday and they are running tests and have provided Boo with antibiotic. He was quite happy to visit the vet for about five minutes until they started poking him. Poor little guy - - he is quite the gentleman. He looked a bit annoyed with all the prodding, and loudly but politely announced his desire to go home. Once home he ate and promptly went to take a nap! Scooter, our other cat, is best buds with Boo and has been sleeping with Boo the last couple nights instead of with Lola or I to make sure he is ok. I am happy to announce Boo Boo is feeling much better and is thanking Scooter for being there by licking Scooter's ears!

He seems to be much better now and is back to his normal happy little self. He is an amazing cat and the story of how Boo Boo came into my life is equally as amazing. I'll save that story for a later blog entry.

Lola's class trip to Rock Eagle was on Tuesday as well. She had a wonderful time, but came home with her little face quite windburned/sunburned. We put some cream on her face and the redness seems to have disappeared. Once I have the photos from her disposable camera processed I'll see what cool shots she has to post here. She did tell me that one of her classmates (who, by the way, is a girl and also a little bully, it seems) took the camera from Lola's hands and began taking self-portrait shots while in the bus. I have no idea how many of those are on the camera, but I guess we'll find out. Nothing like self-incrimination!!! :) But the children got to go canoeing and hiking and basically had quite a good time.

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