Monday, March 31, 2008

Coincidence or Strange Phenomenon?

Monday, March 31, 2008

This morning when Lola and I were at the back door for school and work, Scooter, who is normally lounging in a chair, sleeping on the sofa or lurking around the corner to eat Boo Boo’s food when Boo walks away, ran to the back door, looked up at the doorknob and meowed loudly several times. It was almost as if he wanted to go to school with Lola today. Of course, Lola wanted him to come along but I explained to her that Scoo was not overly fond of riding in the car and that unfortunately the school does not allow pets unless he’s a seeing-eye cat - - and with Scoo having only one good eye, he’s most likely the one who needs his own seeing-eye cat!

Later when I went to the cafeteria here in my office, there were two dogs trying to come in our building through the revolving doors. They seemed determined to get into the building through any entrance available. They were friendly, but were really intent on gaining access inside.

As I walked by my friend Natalia’s cube on the way back to my desk, I mentioned these things. Surprisingly, she told me that yesterday her two cats, which are normally quiet and calm, were running after her meowing loudly and following her wherever she went. She realized they were trying to tell her something but she thought they were hungry so she gave them food.

Hmmmmmm…..of course I know animals sense sudden changes in the environment that we cannot even begin to detect. Then again, perhaps it is Universal Animal Free Speech Day…

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