Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Car is Finally 'Released from Hospital'

Saturday, March 22

Well, I left work yesterday to go pick up my car to the tune of "way more money than I could ever imagine a transmission is worth." BUT - - the good news is IT RUNS!!! Woo-hoo!! I went to get Lola from school and the look on her face when she saw the VW parked was priceless! She ran to the car and gave it a HUGE hug and said "I love you, CAR!!!!"

Then later her friend Lavinia came over to spend the night. Lavinia is a fun girl and very considerate of others. She is from Brazil so while Lola teaches her some Russian she is teaching Lola Portuguese. She is a very good friend to Lola and the two of them have a blast together. They stayed up for awhile past midnight and for the most part were not too rowdy. I'm just happy these girls are at the age where they think having the mom participate in their fun is very cool. I need to BASK in every moment of this because it is highly possible (or should I say highly probable) I will be the person voted least fun to be with when Lola is about 13!!

Once Lavinia's grandmother came to take her home, Lola and I were off to her horseback riding lesson. She absolutely GLOWS with excitement when she is on the back of a horse or anywhere near horses. She reminds me very much of myself at that age. Today she had a different horse to ride. His name is Apache and he is gorgeous! She fell in love with his personality but not with his fast hippity-hop little trot! She was so used to riding sweet, laid-back Dixie with the easy, slow trot - - - much easier to post on Dixie than Apache. It seems that Apache gave Lola a challenge! She is preparing for a small horse show at the park where she takes lessons, and she is very diligent about making sure she is learning everything she can! Here's a photo of her with Apache, her new best friend.

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