Friday, March 14, 2008

Surprises From All Directions

March 13, 2008

With Lola in my life, every day is a new adventure! Just to watch the developmental process unfold is nothing short of amazing - - I am learning about her deeper personality traits and I find this quite fascinating - - all I can think is during the first few years she was with her biological family in Russia they guided her to be a happy. thoughtful, compassionate, and considerate little human being. I love them all for doing such a magnificent job!

Example #1 – yesterday I hosted my ladies’ Bible Study small group at our house. Lola loves these women and she likes to come and sit with us for part of the two-hour session. She does occasionally become bored, but she really senses the love these women give her. After all, they have known about her almost from the beginning of my decision to adopt and have been so supportive and uplifting during the adoption process, it’s almost like Lola has eight other mothers to love her!! Anyway, after I went to pick Lola up from school her friend Lavinia called to see if Lola would like to go play at her house for a few hours. I was ok with that, but I let Lola make the decision - - go play with Lavinia until 8:30 or hang out with the ladies in my small group. Without hesitation she chose the small group - -WOW!! Needless to say, Lavinia was a bit disappointed, but she seemed interested in what Bible study was all about. I gave her the short version of what we do and she seemed even more curious. Perhaps in addition to God’s plan for me to be a mom, there is also a future for me in bringing His Word to children? I’ll have to keep that idea close and look for further signs…

Example #2 – Lola is the kind of girl who will not spoil a surprise!! The ladies in my small group had planned an outing to a local restaurant scheduled for this Saturday, March 15 (which just so happened to also be my birthday) and they had designated it as ‘ladies only’ (no children) so I figured since the outing was for dinner for a couple hours I called my friend Kim to see if she was free to come and watch Lola for a short time. Here is how the conversation went:

Me -“Hi, Kim - - if you aren’t busy on Saturday night can you come and hang out with Lola for a couple hours?”

Kim – “Uhhhhhhhh, yes I’m busy, but…(long pause)…. I’ll be at your house for your birthday party.”

Me – “Oh, wow, I didn’t know we were having a party!”

Kim – “You shouldn’t. It’s supposed to be a surprise.”

OK, this is the part where I felt like a HEEL - - partly for even thinking about going out with the ladies at all, and partly for accidentally and inadvertently finding out about a surprise party for ME!

I asked Lola if she knew about the party. She said yes. And then she said sadly, “Oh Mama, party was SURPRISE!!!”

OK, make that a DOUBLE HEEL!

GOING OUT FOR A COUPLE HOURS?? What was I thinking????! This is what happens when I try to appease everyone - - sometimes it just can’t be done! I said to Kim “WOW, that is so cool! I’m so happy you are having a party for me, even if I wasn’t supposed to know! I’ll be the first one there!! Ha ha ha~!”

Then Lola said “YAAAY, Mama home for birthday party!!!!” and gave me a big hug.

I am so proud of Lola for keeping the surprise party a secret!!

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