Monday, May 26, 2008


Lola's last day of school was Friday, May 23. She had an awards program that morning, so I took the day off work (by the way, my leave of absence begins as well!!) to attend her 'graduation'. It was a very enjoyable morning, and it was nice to see all her classmates live and in person. Lola's best friend Lavinia was there and told me her family had to work and couldn't make it to the program. I told her not to worry, as I would take lots of photos so they will think they were actually there!

Once the program was over, we went to Lola's classroom to check her out for the year and get her report card, and while we were waiting to get her things, one of her earrings came out and was lost... it is so hard to keep this child in earrings! And the sad thing is, she is very sensitive to metals other than gold and sterling (as I am), so it does get a little frustrating when she loses one. I'm so glad for stores like Kohl's and JC Penney who have fabulous sales on earrings and they are actually packaged in threes or fours for about $15.00.

Before we left the classroom after having checked her out, one of her classmates asked Lola to sign her yearbook. When Lola was done, the girl asked me to sign. I asked her if this was the first time she had ever asked a parent to sign and she said yes. I told her that was very cool and I was honored. On the way to the cafeteria Lola told me that girl was the girl that had been picking on her earlier in the school year (and strangely enough, this girl is now calling Lola to talk to her and wants to be friends. This will be interesting to follow as the summer progresses). We then had lunch. A bit later, Lavinia came to sit with us, and then a couple of Lavinia's friends from Brazil sat with us too.

Then we left and came home and jumped in our swimsuits and headed to the pool. After a couple hours there, we went home and on the way there saw some big bad thunderclouds coming over. We got into the garage just as the rain and lightning began. It was raining pretty heavily and we had planned a trip to the baseball game that evening to watch the Braves play (Lola loves baseball as much as I do - - when she was here in 2006 I took her to a game and she was hooked!!) After a couple hours, though, the rain cleared and we hopped on the train to go to Turner Field. The weather was fabulous for the rest of the evening. We stayed late after the game to see the fireworks. It was very fun!

Today we are packing to leave on a week's vacation to Cancun! My friend Kimmi is coming with us. Chris wanted to come, but had to work...but Chris will see that Scooter and Boo and the two fish (and Kimmi's fish) will be well taken care of while we are gone.

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