Thursday, May 15, 2008

Test Results

Lola's teacher called me yesterday to advise Lola didn't meet the cutoff score to pass the CRCT Math test. I received the paper with her score on it today. She missed passing by only 31 points! So, the good news is - - yes, she has a lot to catch up on, but it can be done. I am armed with scads of books geared toward the criteria for CRCT Grade 5 Math and I am confident she will build those skills enough to do a fairly good job on the re-take of the CRCT on June 26th. She is quite sure she would rather have me help her with the skills than the other option of going to summer school, and I feel the same. She's excited about the books we have (strangely enough)and if I keep a positive angle on this, she will follow my lead. If she has a thorough knowledge of the multiplication tables, we can use it to do any of the other math concepts in the fifth-grade curriculum. I'M READY!!!

This is completely changing the subject, but while on my way to work this morning I was contemplating a question:

If a pre-owned car of a specific make is sitting on the lot of a dealership (same make) for sale, does the responsibility lie with the dealership to research and correct/repair/replace any items on that car that may be subject to a manufacturer's recall (prior to the time the car was placed on the lot) before they sell the car off the lot? Hmmmmmm....

Of course, my reason for asking is because my dear little red convertible has been having some 'health' issues over the last two years and I'm tired of spending a few hundred dollars here and there for things that seem not to be conducive to normal wear and tear. To me an auto that has LED sensors has a built-in pain in the wallet. The reason for my opinion is that each time I have the silly thing diagnosed it turns out to be another item that needs fixed. I'm sooooo tired of this. I'll definitely be researching this more, and perhaps so with the manufacturer, at least to obtain a list of recalls for my specific model and year of auto. Should be interesting...

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