Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meeting Lola's Teachers

I met with three of Lola’s teachers and a rep from the Scholastic Committee on Tuesday of this week. I was happy to finally meet everyone in person. The teachers had nothing but good things to say about Lola- - she participates in class, is very cheerful and willing to do her part, and is gaining more self-esteem in English. They pretty much told me that it was a requirement by the state of Georgia to meet with me to discuss the game plan for her future, as is done with all parents of new ESL students. We all pretty much agreed the requirement to administer CRCT’s to ESL students is pretty radical, but we all are aware the teachers’ hands are tied due to compliance. I asked them for what state office I should run to help them and the foreign-born students to get this law changed. The decision as to whether or not she will attend summer school is still up in the air. I guess as soon as the CRCT results are out we’ll hear that news. Either way, I can tutor her myself, or she can attend summer school…….All in all, I had a wonderful time speaking to these ladies and since the law in this state cannot be changed we have to do what needs to be done to help Lola.

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