Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whoa, There!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just when I feel like I am impervious to any small thing that might keep me from going full speed ahead, I’m thrown for a loop and derailed…I think it’s just God’s way of saying - - hold on there, girl - - where are you going in such a hurry???

The flu.
Oh, yeah….I didn’t see it coming. I guess I’m living proof that the flu shot doesn’t cover all the little viruses running around out there. And the last time I had the flu was in February 2001 and I got the double whammy back then - - fever and achy muscle flu for one week, and the I’m-not-sure-what-end-to-put-on-the-toilet-first flu the next week.

This year’s flu bug was quite strange, with no advance warning. It started with immediate lung congestion, then a runny nose, then a sore throat, then the achy muscles and chills & fever of about 101, then an upset stomach and living in the bathroom for 10 hours, then a migraine headache. Oooooh, when all was said and done the whole process took about six days. I woke up this morning and felt like one of the human race again. I was so thankful, because I hated to stay home from work for two days.

Lola fared much better. She had the congestion first, but later only got a runny nose and the upset tummy for one day. She was out of school for one day. I’m convinced that her immune system is ultra-strong from having lived among many other children for so long.

I bounced out of bed this morning with a smile on my face (my mom calls me Pollyanna. I told her Lola is Pollyanna, Jr.) and glad to be feeling normal again! Lola is counting the days until school is out. As of today I believe she has only 13 more days. We still have not received the results of the CRCT exam….she told me yesterday she wants me to be her teacher for the summer rather than her attending summer school. I told her if I did tutor her I was not going to let her off easy - - she would still need to know and understand what is required of her to pass the CRCT. Yes, she has to take the silly thing at the end of June if we learn she has not passed the one most recently taken. Unfortunately, this test day may be on her birthday - -June 27. She said, “Oh, Mama, I no want Happy Birthday Lola today you have test!!” Neither do I. As Lola would say, “YUK!!!!”

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