Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swim Swim Swim

Kimmi has just discovered a rash on her arm. She is a bit freaked out by it, since none of us are sure what caused it. The bumps are quite large and are red and look very irritated. Lola and I volunteered to see where the hotel on-call doctor's office is located and what the cost is. We found the office, checked the prices, and reported back to Kim. We also did some brainstorming as to what it might be. After asking questions at the concierge desk we found that it may be the beach towels and the room towels that are causing the problem. They are washed separately from the bedsheets in a very concentrated amount of bleach and detergent. Kimmi is allergic to any garments washed with bleach, so that was the cause of her dilemma. We did accompany her to the hotel doctor to see what advice he could offer. The advice was free and he did say that several people have the same reaction to the towels there but the problem should clear up if she avoids the towels. Luckily I had brought a beach towel along so that became Kim's bath towel for the week.

The pool(s) at this resort are salt water pools and Lola didn't like them at first but when she realized she could swim without goggles and her eyes didn't get red and irritated, she was all for it! The main pool here is like a canal - - it meanders around most of the property and there are even rooms that have swim-up entrances!! HOW COOL IS THAT???!! Next time - - we want one of those rooms!!

There are three swim-up bars and they offer non-alcoholic versions of pina coladas, margaritas and strawberry / peach daquiris as well as the usual fare of alcoholic beverages. There are several restaurants, many of which are specialty such as Mexican, Italian, Fondue, etc., and these require advance reservations. The other two restaurants are buffet-style with no reservations required and we found these to be the best for our schedule. On a few nights one of the offered desserts was coconut ice cream as well as mango and tangerine sorbets. OOOOOOOOOOOH, YUMMY!! Kimmi, Lola and I loaded up on these one night like the Three Little Pigs!!

We checked out the beach area, and it's beautiful, but there are big rocks under the water and it is necessary to wear swim shoes in order not to get cut up by coral/rocks/seaweed. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of smooth sand in the water. We did go out a couple times, but it was actually more effort than it was worth so we hung out at the pool more often than the beach.

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