Friday, April 11, 2008

Over the Miles

Friday, April 11

Last night Lola called Russia using one of her international calling cards. She was connected, said a few words to her grandfather in Russian, then got a very strange look on her face and handed me the telephone. “Dyedushka crazy,” she said. “Too much vodka.” Her main intent was to speak with her aunt and cousins and apparently none of them were at home. I told her we would try again today. I’m happy to say at 10:30AM CST she placed another phone call to Russia and even though her grandfather answered he then handed the phone to her aunt and she and Lola had a wonderful conversation.

I had decided a long time ago that when Lola is 12 we are going back to Russia to visit everyone. I will be so honored to meet the people who helped raise her until she was 5 and went to the orphanage.

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