Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scooter’s Happy Birthday

Wednesday, April 30

Last Sunday was Scooter’s birthday. He is fourteen years old and acts like he’s a kitten. He is Lola’s boyfriend and the welcome wagon when the ladies come over for Bible Study on Wednesday nights. He’s been a part of my life for ten years. There is not enough I can say about how much Lola and I love Scooter. He’s a comedian, a stoic and a glutton all in one. He’s a good listener, a warm fuzzy pillow and gives great massages. He adores Lola and keeps an eye on his best cat buddy Boo Boo to make sure Boo is comfy and receives a fairly basic ear and face grooming every now and then.

Scooter is a scaredy-cat when it comes to loud noises, thunderstorms and things that go bump in the night. He loves to explore, loves to play and loves to eat.

For his birthday, Scooter got a can of soft cat food. He enjoyed it VERY much. We also found his leash and harness (which I had tried to use on him many years ago to take him for walks outside, but once the harness was on, he would lay down and refuse to move. The cat I had a few years previous to Scooter was happy to have a leash and harness and went for walks every day. I had hoped Scooter would have the same desire, but apparently not) and Lola insisted that we try it to see if Scooter would like it now. We put it on him and carried all 20+ pounds of him outside and put him on the ground. He flopped over on his side like a beached whale and refused to budge. Lola and I agreed that maybe if we spend 5 minutes a day with him wearing the harness outside he’ll figure out the correlation between harness=fun outside and after a week or so he might be more receptive to the idea.

So here’s a toast (with root beer) to Scooter, the awesome cat!

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