Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

Saturday, April 26

Lola had been bothered for about the last three weeks with a loose baby tooth. She had been wiggling and pulling and wiggling some more and just couldn’t get it to release. Finally after all the wiggling and a couple weeks’ time to allow it to loosen a bit more, she finally coaxed the tooth to come out last night. I tried to convince her about the Tooth Fairy, but she just laughed. I told her at least put the tooth in a sock under her pillow and maybe the Mama Tooth Fairy will give her a dollar in exchange for her tooth.  She was ok with that, but upon finding the dollar in the sock the next morning she seemed worried about where the tooth had gone. I told her it was in a safe place and would never get thrown away. She was happy I valued her tooth as much as she did. After all, it’s the first tooth she has lost in America!!

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