Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Eternal Quest for the Perfect Mascara

Every now and then I find that no matter what some products promise, they still do not live up to their advertising or my small expectations. And the sad thing is, to some people this would be a very trivial complaint. Well, yes, it probably is. But since it matters to me I’m going to put it out there to the masses (or the ten or so people that actually read this blog) and appeal for help. Here is the question - - - - - (drum roll, please) - - - -

Is there a mascara out there - - SOMEWHERE – that is truly waterproof and most of all - - - smudgeproof???

If there is, I haven’t found it.…wait, I take that back. I HAD found it, about fifteen years ago, and was happily tripping along in life without giving a second thought as to whether or not I looked like a giant blonde raccoon. What I thought to be my lifelong supply was Cover Girl Marathon Mascara in the green tube. But about two years ago it became increasingly difficult to find in the stores and I am again on the eternal quest for the ‘perfect mascara’. This stuff was amazing! I could swim in it, cry in it, stand in the rain with my face to the sky in it, and still it would not flake, run, clump or smudge. It was, in my opinion, the world’s best invention in the cosmetic industry. And now it is very difficult to find. I thought perhaps it had been discontinued, but not according to the Cover Girl website. If I truly was upset enough to cry about it, I wouldn’t even consider it now, due to the inferior stuff I’m now relegated to wear.

I have tried the other Cover Girl options, Avon, Max Factor, Maybelline, Almay (strangely enough, it’s hypo-allergenic and I’m allergic to it!!), and Clinique. All have been tested and all have failed. I am not one to spend more than about six dollars for mascara, so I am not open to the high-end items.

It seems the best option at this point is to buy Cover Girl Marathon in bulk online and stock up. I will, at the very least, postpone the inevitable day where I have to search again for the ‘perfect mascara’!

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Elizabeth said...

I think mascara in general is guilty of false-advertising. None of them really do much. I usually find them to be too clumpy and then they get in my contacts.