Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let it SNOW!!

We woke up to rain for the fourth (or was it fifth? I lost count) day in a row, but later in the morning it actually began to snow. The flakes were quite large, and Lola was so excited she just had to go outside and play in it! I went out long enough to take photos of her and throw back a snowball, but since I had wet hair from my shower I thought it best not to aggravate the little cold I’ve been dealing with for the past couple weeks.

I guess the reason I love Atlanta is because we see four distinct seasons every year, and every now and then we see some snow, like today. The summers are about six months long and hot and perfect for swimming every day and our winters really only last two to three months and even then only occasionally does the temperature drop below freezing. We are only four hours’ driving time (five with gas and potty breaks) from the beaches of Hilton Head Island, SC and six hours from the beaches of Destin, FL. We are safely situated away from hurricanes, only see an occasional tornado, and there are scads of trees everywhere you look! My first love is the ocean, but until I retire there Atlanta is a wonderful second option!

So while Lola was out frolicking in the snow, I dried my hair and grabbed the car keys and she and I went for a drive in the snow to take more photos. We drove until the slush accumulated on the road enough to warrant going back into our house to be safe and dry, but it was an amazing thing to see!! The snowflakes ranged from dime-sized to quarter-sized and they were big and wet and slow…. ideal for snowballs or snowmen. Lola pelted me on the rear end with a small snowball and it was so wet my jeans were still damp hours later!

Later in the afternoon the snow stopped and the wind came up - - it was really quite strong. There was nothing on the evening news about Fulton County closing schools, but Lola went to sleep hopeful that she would actually have a snow day…

Our townhome after the snow - - yes, that is a Christmas wreath on the door! Lola insisted we leave it up even after Christmas because it was so pretty!

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