Monday, March 9, 2009

The Healing Process

Lola had a very restless night. The back of her head was quite tender and she had difficulty lying down in bed with her head on a pillow. She tried it with the pillow, then without, and either way she just simply had a bad headache. I had been giving her some ibuprofen to help ease the discomfort, and she gained some relief for about an hour and then the headache was back again. I must say I kept a close eye on her all night, waking up every hour to check on her just by instinct alone to determine whether or not to pack her up in the car and take her to the emergency room. She seemed fine throughout the night albeit restless, and of course this morning she still had a headache. She went to school anyway and when she arrived home that afternoon she called and told me she was going to sack out on the sofa and take a nap. Luckily Chris was there and he checked on her a few times, then I checked on her once I got home. She was simply TIRED.

Last night during dinner Lola was looking at a canned protein shake I was drinking with my meal and asked if it tasted good. I told her it tasted good to me. She tried a sip - - her eyes got really big, she made a huge sour face, then used a napkin to wipe off her tongue. Apparently that didn’t work, so she poked her fork into a meatball and furiously scrubbed her tongue with the meatball to kill the taste, and when even that didn’t work she went to the sink and washed her tongue off with water! Her futile attempts to rid the taste from her mouth was so comical, especially the meatball remedy - - - I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face and almost fell off my chair.

I love this kid. She is priceless!

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