Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Show - Spring Edition

I have attended both the Spring and the Fall Atlanta Home Shows for the last I-have-lost-count-as-to-how-many years and I never tire of seeing the new innovations for home d├ęcor and improvement. Lola loves the Home Show for some of the same reasons, but she has an ulterior motive in going so she can stock up on candy, pencils, pens and new gadgets like laser-light keychains and jewel-tone-colored plastic piggybanks.

We arrived at the Home Show just before they opened the doors for the day and while I was at the ticket counter Lola was preparing the plastic bags to carry home goodies. The show was fun as always, and we saw everything in a record time of 1.5 hours! She was anxious to get to the skating rink by 2pm so she could get some practice time in before her ESOL teacher arrived at 3. Lola could hardly wait to share with her the story of her first skating lesson!


Elizabeth said...

Ha ha, that reminds me of going to the Bridal expo with my sister and stocking up on cake samples.

Lola and Jill said...

Last year we went to the Health & Beauty Expo. Lola thought she was in heaven! We had three HUGE bags each full of cosmetic and personal care items that were being given away for free! Aren't expos FUN???!!