Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunchtime Heaven

As I walked down the stairwell in my office building to the cafeteria today, I could detect a faint smoky aroma of barbeque wafting up to the second floor. By the time I arrived at the food service area, I was drooling uncontrollably, my taste buds dancing in expectation of what I already knew was inevitable - - -.

…ooooooh, I just looooooooooooove barbeque…

And to find that lovely item on a plate was the highlight of my work day.

I try to never overindulge in what I consider to be on my list of ‘passion foods’. If I did, I’d be eating not only barbeque every day, but also raspberry chocolate truffles, guacamole, lemon meringue pie and lobster, and complimenting it all with gallons of orange juice and Starbuck’s chai tea latte!

…so for today, I am happy to savor every bite of my lunch even more so than usual…


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