Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Incident

Today Lola called me at the office upon arriving home from school and told me something happened to her at school but she couldn’t tell me until I got home. I asked if she was ok, and she said yes. I asked if she was in trouble and she said no. I asked if she could please just tell me anyway and she said “Mom, if I tell you now your hair will fall out!” I informed her if that were the case I’d much rather have my hair fall out at work where someone else can clean it up rather than at home where I have to clean it up.

…and so she told me…

Apparently while she and several other girls were in PE class someone had gained entry to the locker rooms and proceeded to steal any and every electronic device accessible from any purses/coats that were lying out and from lockers that were not secured. Lola’s telephone was one of the items stolen. There were a total of thirteen students who had items missing. I’m not fully informed about the entire issue, as the school has not yet issued any kind of statement to the parents, but from the bits and pieces I gathered from Lola there was a girl who was a student at the school who unlocked the locker room door from the inside for some kids who apparently were former students, and that is when the theft took place.

I felt badly for Lola and the others, as one of the girls had an iPod Touch that was missing, and others were also missing phones and MP3’s. I have tried to stress to Lola to make sure anything she values is in her locker (PE or school locker) and make sure it is LOCKED! All I can do at this point is commiserate with her on the loss of her phone and see what we can do to find a cheap replacement until the time comes when I will be forced to change my current wireless plan due to our company’s merger.

As soon as she told me I tried to call her number to no avail, so I then proceeded to call my wireless carrier’s 800 number to suspend her account. Perhaps the phone will be recovered, but I’m not holding my breath. At least in the interim I’m not taking any chances on unauthorized charges!

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